A Shawl for Every Season


A Shawl for Every Season

Donated by: Donna Fisher

Donated by: Donna Fisher

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Four Hand crocheted shawls by Donna Fisher A shawl for every season: Summer Breeze - yellow and green Festive Winter - shades of teal, blue and touch of gold Turquoise Springs - Turquoise and white Soothing Falls - off white and beige One size fits all. Can be worn with point in front, side or back. Can be worn over the shoulder or around neck like a scarf. Great for Houston weather that changes from moment to moment or when going from outdoor heat to indoor air conditioning. Four Hand Crocheted Shawls Value: $377

A note from Unity of Houston: The Unity of Houston online auction is raising money to support our Unity of Houston Youth and Education Fund. All auction proceeds will go directly to support this fund. Thank you to all of our generous donors. Unity of Houston greatly appreciates all who are participating and rendering their support for the Unity of Houston Youth and Education Fund. We pray God's blessings of peace and prosperity upon you. Best wishes with your bids!

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